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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I have Starship use the Python Launcher to display the Python version?

Add the following to your Starship configuration file:

python_binary = ["py"]
# The following isn't necessary, but convenient.
detect_folders = [".venv"]

This will then have your prompt list the Python version that will be used if you run py:

/tmp/starship-demo via 🐍 v3.11.0
❯ py -3.9 -m venv .venv

/tmp/starship-demo via 🐍 v3.9.15

How do I get a table of Python executables in Nushell?

py --list | lines | split column "│" version path | str trim

Do note that the character that is being split on is not the traditional U+007C/"Vertical Line"/pipe character (|), but U+2502/"Box Drawings Light Vertical" ().

How can I make the Python Launcher use my default Python version from pyenv?

If you're using pyenv to manage your Python versions, you'll want to set the version the Launcher uses to the pyenv global version.

Add this line to your .zshrc or .bashrc file:

export PY_PYTHON=$(pyenv exec python -c "import sys; print('.'.join(map(str, sys.version_info[:2])))")

Add this line to your ~/.config/fish/ file:

set -gx PY_PYTHON (pyenv exec python -c "import sys; print('.'.join(map(str, sys.version_info[:2])))")

How do I disable the automatic search/usage of the .venv virtual environment?

If you look at the diagram of how the Launcher chooses what Python interpreter/environment to use, you will notice that the .venv virtual environment is only selected if you don't specify a version restriction, e.g. py -3 disables the search.

The thinking behind this is that if you want a specific Python version then you aren't interested in a specific virtual environmen., Thus the search for .venv is skipped when any specific version is requested.